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Matthew Alfs

  Matthew Alfs' first article appeared in print in 1978 and his first book in 1984.

  Here at OTBH, we are pleased to bring you a variety of engaging books  from the mind of this inspiring herbalist, environmentalist, naturalist, and historian of religious thought.

  Upon reading any of Matthew Alfs' books, we are confident that  you will be encouraged to look at life anew!

   Here Is a List of Some of Our Older Titles that are Still Available, but Which Will

    Go Out-of-print after their Current Print Run Is Exhausted....


   Concepts of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit: A Classification and

     Description of the Trinitarian & Non-trinitarian Theologies Existent

     within Christendom by Matthew Alfs (1984), gold-embossed hardcover, 104pp.   


   $12.95 (+ $5.00 Media Mail Shipping through Postal Service)

   Send check or money order (for $12.95; MN addressees need add 7.125% sales tax = $0.92) to us at Old Theology Book House,

     P O Box 120342, New Brighton MN 55112 or click "Add to Cart" below to pay by credit card.




   "A challenging and interesting study.... a first class religious reference work

   which manages to maintain a great deal of doctrinal objectivity." -- Randall R.

   Warren, CHRISTIAN BOOKSELLER, August 1984

   "A useful analysis of different versions of Trinitarianism and Non-trinitarianism."--

    Paul W. Newman, A SPIRIT CHRISTOLOGY, University Press of America, 1987, p.


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