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Matthew Alfs

  Matthew Alfs' first article appeared in print in 1978 and his first book in 1984.

  Here at OTBH, we are pleased to bring you a variety of engaging books  from the mind of this inspiring herbalist, environmentalist, naturalist, and historian of religious thought.

  Upon reading any of Matthew Alfs' books, we are confident that  you will be encouraged to look at life anew!

300 Herbs

Their Indications & Contraindications

(A Materia Medica & A Repertory)



by Matthew Alfs (2020), 2d Ed., Revised. Oversize softcover, 216pp.

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   Here is the ultimate reference book on healing herbs, compiled by a nationally-peer-reviewed herbal clinician! The first half consists of a materia medica, alphabetically listing and describing 300 different herbs. Specific indications are given for each of these herbs, followed by contraindications (for concurrent pharmaceutical use, existing pathologies, pregnancy, and lactation) and then by traditional forms of use and dosages. The last half is a repertory, listing indications and health conditions and then referring these back to the appropriate herbs in the materia medica. Included are extensive introductions on the world's major herbal systems, a glossary, and a bibliography. 2nd Ed. of 2020, Revised & Expanded.

Here Is What Reviewers Said about the First Edition (2003):

A concise manual to help the clinician make appropriate therapeutic choices without having to look in dozens of books.... The repertory with specific symptom indications is worth the cost of the book alone!--David Winston, R.H. (A.H.G.), Dean of the Herbal Therapeutics School of Medicine and author of Saw Palmetto for Men and Women

A solid reference work based upon known information for the predominant uses and indications of herbs... a useful clinical manual. -- Michael Tierra, R. H. (A.H.G.), L.Ac., O.M.D., author of The Way of Herbs and Planetary Herbology


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